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Aspire to greatness

Wishmaker's Story

Welcome to Wishmaker! We believe that dreams can come true and it’s our priority to make sure that our customers have the best time possible while reaching for the stars.

Formed in 2018 by a team of people who love the online casino industry and have many years of experience to offer, Wishmaker was born as a dream long before that moment.

We decided to create an online casino that welcomed all sorts of players from all walks of life with open arms. As long as you can dream big, we have something to offer you!

At Wishmaker Casino, we’re all about working hard, playing hard and creating the best possible experience for our players. More than just a regular online casino, we want Wishmaker to be a trusted place to enjoy great casino games, big bonuses and fun rewards. It’s that simple.

Our vision

As we search for new team members to join the world of Wishmaker, it’s of the utmost importance to us that these new members know what we stand for.

Wishmaker Casino, at the very core of everything we have to offer, is all about the fun of providing casino gambling to the world. We’re not a serious bunch who wear suits and ties all day, but we know that being professional is more than just demanding hard work and expecting the best. We’re professional wish granters and that means being friendly above all else and believing in a sense of adventure!

One of the reasons we created the Wish Factory, a place to collect rewards and unlock levels and trophies when playing at Wishmaker, was to guide our players on their own adventures.

Fun, friendly and filled with the need to play is what makes Wishmaker thrive.

  • Innovation is the king
  • Positiveness & Trust
  • Flexible work hours
  • Health matters
  • Seasonal team activities

Our values

We’re a hard-working team of fun human beings at Wishmaker Casino and we want to welcome new team members with open arms. We place a lot of value in being trustworthy and flexible in many different circumstances.

Above all else, we strive to let our creativity flow to the max while always keeping an eye out for innovative ideas and talent. We’ll be beside you every step of the way as a team and that means never feeling like you’re out in the workplace all alone.

We stand together, work together and create together for a truly exciting and dynamic environment that keeps our core values front and center.

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