Wishmaker is more than just an online casino. We’re a company that cares about its staff and we know that there’s nothing better for morale than a team-building event!

In order to make this Wishmaker event one to remember, we decided to head out and explore Malta in true summer style along with the Bulgarian team from our sister company.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the blue waters of Malta and we bonded as a team while exploring.

Wishmaker Careers Summer Event

We started off the day on the 26th of July by making our way to the meeting point at the Sliema ferries. Armed with our hats, sunscreen, and excitement, we took a speedboat to Hondog Bay in Gozo that really blew our hair back!

Once we reached our destination, we were met by the kayaking company, Kayak Gozo, which would be the first of our exploration adventures.

Of course, safety comes first and once we were given the ins and outs of how to kayak safely, we were on our way. What an experience! Traversing the stunning waters surrounding the island in a kayak is exhilarating and the team had 3 hours of fun in the sun.

We kayaked through caves, crossed over to the sister island of Comino (a healthy 2km away) and eventually stopped for a quick snack. You have to keep your energy up while kayaking!

After a refreshing swim in the sea and a delicious snack stop, we took a walk over to the Blue Lagoon.

Even More Fun in the Sun

Reaching the Blue Lagoon was like finding ourselves on a movie set. The perfect, crystal blue water was breathtaking and we couldn’t leave without spending some more time in the sea.

We worked on our tans and swam until we couldn’t any more. By that time, the kayaks were calling once more.

Unlike the start of our kayaking adventure, this leg of the event was more of a challenge as the wind had picked up substantially. Together as a team, we worked at getting ourselves back to our original destination safely. It was a hair-raising experience! We definitely deserved our chilled beers once we were back on dry land.


The Day Isn’t over yet

After all of that exploring, we were famished and we made our way to the beautiful Country Terrace restaurant.

A cottage that has been transformed into a restaurant with the most incredible panoramic views, Cottage Terrace provided us with the most delicious cuisine.

We enjoyed breathtaking views of Mgarr Harbour, Fort Chambray, and more as we lunched, and it was fantastic.

The day wasn’t over yet as we headed back to the harbour where a tour guide and captain was waiting to take us on an exciting tour of the caves featured in the movie The Count of Monte Cristo!

Fans of the film would easily have recognised the elephant-shaped cliff and the cave where the priceless treasure of Monte Cristo was found.

It was exciting to see these pieces of cinematic history in person!

Once the tour was over, it was time to end the day and head back to the harbour. The choppy water made for an exciting trip as we definitely experienced a few airborne moments!

All in all, our summer Wishmaker event was one to remember and brought us all together as a team.