Contacting Us and the Data Controller

Dreamplex Ltd operates under Wishmaker Casino and is responsible for all data collected when applying for a position at Wishmaker Casino.

Address: Level 1, 154, The Strand, Gzira, GZR 1025

Email: [email protected]

DPO: [email protected]

We understand that not everything always runs smoothly and if you feel that you are unhappy with how your private information was handled, you are welcome to raise this issue directly with us.

Simply email [email protected] with your full name, contact details, the person you dealt with at Wishmaker Casino and the nature of your complaint.

4 Reasons We May Ask For Your Personal Information

When you apply for a job at Wishmaker Casino, you’ll be asked to provide information in different instances. These are 4 of the main reasons you may be asked to provide information and what we would use it for.

  1. In order to understand your background, previous work experience and possible suitability for the role on offer, we will ask you to provide certain personal information. By submitting that information to us, you consent to have us use this information as we see fit with regards to possibly adding you to the Wishmaker Casino team. We may also use this information to determine whether we’d like to invite you for an interview, as well as to make use of social media and professional networking sites to find the best people for the job.
  2. When filling in a form on our website, we will ask you whether you’d like for us to contact you about future possible positions that may open within the company. Wishmaker Casino will require specific information to provide you with the best future job openings.
  3. If you apply for a job at Wishmaker Casino and we need you to travel to our offices in Malta, we will require personal information in order to book flights and accommodation. Personal details such as passport information may be required to complete this process.
  4. Lastly, if we offer you a position at Wishmaker Casino, we will require all the personal information necessary to create your employment contract. Without certain information, we will not be able to offer you the desired position.
Where We Find Your Information

For the most part, the information we have about you, we will receive from you directly via the application you complete or via our submission form on the website.

From time to time we may find information pertaining to you from other sources such as public information that you have made available online and via social media sites. We may also contact the references provided by you to find out more about you, your working skills and your background. We will inform you if or when these references will be contacted.

Finally, we use may use Google Analytics to access information about people who visit our recruitment website. This information is used to help us improve the site and is not used for any other purposes.

Where Your Information is Shared

There are certain instances where the information you provide may be shared with third parties. This is only done when absolutely necessary and Wishmaker Casino will never sell personal information to anyone.

Necessary systems – We have certain systems in place to capture the information provided and these systems are run by third parties. Wishmaker Casino only works with verified and secure third parties to ensure that your personal information stays as safe as possible.

Bookings – If we need to make flight, hotel or taxi bookings for you, we will need to provide certain information to these sources in order to proceed as necessary. A booking agent or taxi company may be provided only with the information they absolutely require in order to make travelling possible.

Legal situations – If we are contacted by law enforcement, regulators or supervisory authorities, we may be forced to share the personal information we have in order to comply. Wishmaker Casino endeavours to verify that the authorities requesting any and all information is, in fact, legal and it will only be done if absolutely necessary.

International transfers – While Wishmaker Casino works hard to keep all personal information attained within the European Economic Area (also known as the EEA), there may be times when this is not possible. If the information is required to be transferred internationally, we will do so as securely as possible and only when we have no other choice.

If we make sure of storage or communications that are based in the US, we will ensure that these third-party companies are signed up with the EU-US Privacy Shield for the highest level of security possible. We will work to ensure that your private information is secured and protected in every way, including when providing travel companies that fall outside of the EEA with your necessary information. Contractual clauses for individual operators will also be in place to protect all involved in the transfer required.

How Long Is Your Information Kept on File

Once you have applied for a position with us and we have all the information required, we will only use your information when necessary. Should your application be unsuccessful, we will store your information for up to 3 years from the last time that we interacted with you in any way.

If a legal reason appears that requires us to keep your personal information for a longer period, we reserve the right to do as needed.

Lastly, if you requested that we send you further updates on other job positions available at Wishmaker Casino, we will keep your information until you request that we cease in providing you with these updates. You can contact us to find out more about ending this form of communication by emailing [email protected]

Your Information and Your Rights

As the owner of your personal information, you have certain rights regarding your information which include the following:

– You have full access to the information we have on record about you

– If information on file is incorrect, you have the right to rectify it

– You can request to have your personal information deleted

– You can request to have the use of your information paused

– If you would like for us to transfer your information to another company or provide you with a digital copy, it is your right to do so

If you would like to exercise the rights mentioned above, simply email your full name, contact details and the nature of your request to [email protected]

Take note: You may be required to provide positive ID for us to verify that is it, in fact, your information that we have on file. This will be explained to you in more detail if necessary.

Consent Regarding Your Information

For us to process and put your personal information to the use for which is intended, we require your consent. This simply means that you consent to us using your information as it is stated on the website and for no other purpose.

If you have given your consent by submitting the required information, but you would like to withdraw that consent, you are welcome to do so at any time. Please note that by withdrawing your consent, it also withdraws your application from consideration for the job in question as we cannot process your application and the information it contains without your consent.

Should you decide to apply for a job once more, you will need to complete the entire application from scratch.

To withdraw your consent regarding your personal information, please contact us on [email protected] and we will remove all your information from our system.

Privacy Notice Changes

We may review and update this privacy notice from time to time, especially if there are significant changes made to how we handle personal information. We will also review the privacy notice on an annual basis.

Should we make any changes to the privacy notice that will affect your personal information and how it is treated at any point, we will notify you via the information we have on hand.

This notice was created and published in June of 2019.