It’s said that one of the most important parts of working with a group of people is being able to function together as a team. What better way could there be to test this theory than by locking groups of people away and forcing them to escape with their lives?

We’ll admit that it may not be that dramatic, but recently, we have decided to embark on our first team building exercise and we did so at the Scavenger Escape in Malta!

Experience Scavenger Escape

Scavenger Escape is one of the most popular real-life escape games in Malta. Situated at the Qui-Si-Sana Seafront within the beautiful Sliema town, it’s certainly a picturesque spot to experience being locked away with your colleagues.

The aim of Scavenger Escape (and escape room games as a whole) is to work as a team and solve mysteries while locked away together. Filled with fun brain teasers and tests that will require a hive mind of experience and clever people, teams work to solve puzzles and riddles. In the end, they will have to unlock the escape room and eventually find themselves in the real world once again.

Scavenger Escape offers 3 different rooms utilising exciting themes with unique games. There’s the Egyptian Adventure room, set in the beginning of World War II, where teams must work their way through a mysterious Egyptian bazaar and intercept a secret message meant for the enemies. Mozart’s Mystery is also an option where teams must find an unfinished masterpiece in only 60 minutes. And lastly, Secret Surgery sees up to 6 people fighting to save the world from an insane doctor who seeks to unleash a deadly virus!

Wishmaker’s team of escape artists

Split into two, the Wishmaker teams set to work on unlocking the mysteries of the Ancient Egyptian Room and saving the world in the Secret Surgery Room. Each team had only 1 hour to get themselves to safety and thanks to top-notch teamwork, they succeeded!

Team One set off on an Ancient Egyptian adventure and managed to intercept a secret message from their enemy. After only 35 minutes, the team conquered the escape room and managed to escape from the Han el-Halili Bazaar. While they set a record time, there was a case of sabotage from inside the team, but they prevailed in the end. It seems the escape room can do crazy things to the mind when you’re trapped inside…

Team Two took on the evil scientist in the Secret Surgery Room. With only 10 minutes to spare, the team managed to track down the antiserum needed to stop the mad scientist in his tracks from unleashing a deadly virus, and they saved the world from possible annihilation! Phew, that was a close one.

After loads of fun, head-scratching puzzles, laughter and prizes, each member of the Wishmaker team walked away from the experience as a winner. It remains to be seen what the next team building activity will have them getting up to stay tuned for more!